Genjikoh Japanese-western room  Tokai/Aichi/Minamichitaonsengo


Japanese-western room


Japanese spirit with western ingenuity. A space fusing Japanese calmness with western functionality.

It is a room designed to cater to both young and old. Of course, Ise bay can be seen from the window.

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Room Japanese-western room
Room facilities Televisions, Washlet-type toilet, Safety box
Amenity Face towel, bath towel, yukata, comb (brush), toothbrush, turban, face mask (women only), razor (men only)
Check in/out time [Check in]15:00 [Check out]10:00
Parking 60 vehicles (free of charge)
Credit Card Payment Visa / JCB / American Express / Diner's Club


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〒470-3322 AichiYamami-Kaigan, Minamichita-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi

Taxi about 10 minutes from Nagoya Railroad Chitashinsen Utsumi Station
?ス?ス hotel free transfer have from Nagoya Railroad Kowaline Kowa Station ( reservation required )
Kowa Station airport available upon reservation at the following time , please check .
9 : 30,11 : 13:00 : 35,14 : 35,15 : 35,16 : 35,17 : 35
Chubu International Airport => [Nagoya Railroad] Chubu International Airport Station => [Tokoname line] Ota River Station => [Kowa kine] Kowa Station about 1 hour 5 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes
About 8 minutes from the Minamichita IC of Chita Peninsula road ( Minamichita road )

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