Nishimuraya Honkan Matsu special room  Kinki/Hyogo/Kinosakionsen

Nishimuraya Honkan

Matsu special room


A special room overlooking the inner garden

A venerable and long-established Ryokan (Japanese inn) boasting a history and lineage of 150 years.

Tradition says that Kinosaki hot springs were discovered by a stork that healed its wounds in the waters.
In more recent times, the historical records that have reached us say that the source started gushing at the start of the Nara period after a holy priest by the name of Dochi performed a thousand-days apprenticeship, so its history goes back 1300 years.
Inside this historical hot spring area, "Nishimuraya" is a venerable establishment boasting a long history that dates back to the Edo period 150 years prior.
The tourists in yukata (traditional clothes) strolling along the wide Otani river will chance upon the building entrance of the "Nishimuraya main building", a two-story wooden construction nestled at the back.
Guests enter from the cobbled streets of the entrance and are welcomed by the polished flooring of the beautiful front lobby facing them and by a luxuriant Japanese garden that jump to the eye like an Impressionist painting.

A special room overlooking the inner garden

The special room Matsu has a 10-mat Japanese-style room and an 8-mat Japanese-style room with a closed balcony in the Shoin-zukuri style, located beyond the antechamber of the resting room.
Sir Ganjiro Nakamura the 2nd, the Kabuki actor, used to sojourn at length in this prestigious room overlooking the well-tended garden, which is the pride of our establishment, and enjoy the best of cuisines together with the splendor of the scenery in the spacious interior of these two connected rooms.
We would like you to spend some quality time in this luxurious comfort that would be impossible to experience in everyday life.

The three main baths

In addition to your private open-air bath, there are three main baths at Nishimuraya.
Be it "Kichi no Yu", with a bathtub luxuriously clad in highly-fragrant cypress wood from wall to ceiling, "Fuku no Yu", with its characteristic circular bathtub with windows mimicking China, or "Sho no Yu", located in an outbuilding called "the Hirata Pavilion", and facing the inner Japanese garden where one can enjoy the seasonal views, we propose several baths where our many guests can enjoy the hot waters of Kinosaki, which have been healing people since old times.
Why not wander around and experience the different open-air baths, each with their different flavors and enjoyments, depending on the mood of the moment?

The Flavors of seasonal ingredients nurtured by a plentiful nature.

Meals are served in the rooms for maximum privacy.
After serving as chef at famous restaurants, Takahashi Etsushin took charge as executive chef of the Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei and the Nishimuraya main building and annex, where he was inspired by the rich nature and taste of the Tajima region, and he now concurrently supervises the many cooks in order to serve delicious meals prepared with seasonal ingredients, impressing in the process the palates of many a guest.
Many of these culinary gems are served in beautiful tableware to make for memories of an unforgettable feast.

The people of this land have been celebrated since the Edo period when many tourists started visiting Kinosaki Onsen, for their warm welcoming of guests that makes them oblivious of leaving.
During the inn long history, we have been constantly striving to cultivate this hospitality and that may be why we have been accepted so well by travelers.
People and things may come and go, but this spirit of serving the modern travelers visiting the inn today in the most hospitable way will not change and will be carried over unaltered to this new era.

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Room Japanese-style rooms of 10 Tatami mats + Japanese-style rooms of 8 Tatami mats + 2 terrace rooms + Bath room + Powder room + restroom
Room facilities Televisions, Telephone, Refrigerator, Tea set, Hairdryer, Washlet-type toilet, Safety box
Amenity Yukata, Bath towels, Hand towels, Comb, Toothbrush, Shampoo, Hair conditioner, Hair treatment, Body soap, Razor, Swab
Check in/out time [Check in]15:00 [Check out]11:00
Parking 50 vehicles (free of charge)
Credit Card Payment Visa / JCB / American Express / Diner's Club / MasterCard


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〒669-6101 Hyogo469 Yushima Kinosaki, Toyooka City, Hyogo

[Tokaido - Sanyo Shinkansen] Himeji Station => [JR San-in Main Line] Kinosaki Onsen station about 1 hour and 40 minutes
Walk about 15 minutes from kinosaki Onsen station
There is free shuttle bus ( please in advance inform the arrival time of Onsen Kinosaki Station . )
Taxi about 30 minutes from the stork Tajima Airport
North Kinki Toyooka EXPRESSWAY yokahyonosen IC => 9 and No. 312 Route via about 50 minutes national highway

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