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DX KAROI suite


"Concept of KAROI" Hospitality

"Concept of KAROI" Hospitality

Lake Biwa  is the largest freshwater lake in Japan. There has a Ogoto hot spring in the southwest of Lake Biwa.
It is said to have been established as a religious ceremonial masterpiece about 1, 200 years ago.
After the Second World War, it has developed considerably from the convenience of
traffic access as an annex(the villa) of the Keihansin which is the metropolitan area of the Kansai region.

"Yumoto-kan" is a long-established inn ryokan first founded in Ogoco Onsen.
The new detached room type consisting of a room with an open-air bath newly established in July 2013. "HANARE KAROI" is set in "Yumoto-kan".

"HANARE KAROI" is Unlike buildings that are located in the premises separate from the main building It refers
to a dedicated floor, which accounts for three-tier "Gesshintei" to become a high-rise building of "Yumotokan".
People may say that they are wrong, but that is not the case.

This is another ryokan called "KAROI style" which embodies the decision of the owner where is in the same building, but whose concept of service and hospitality is totally different.

"Yumoto-kan . Hanare (kairo)" is serviced by heart.
Only VIP guests who can stay there are allowed to enter. VIP lounge "Concept of KAROI" Tsukikokorotei "Yumoto-kan"
While you check-in you can sat down comfortable sofa and enjoy welcome drinks.
Because many variety of color pattern Yukata are here.
You could choose your Yukata when you check-in.
In addition VIP lounge "KAROI"
A library show books and newspapers that introduce culture and history of Lake Biwa in Shiga prefecture
and foot bath that helps tired body of travel.
We also have services such as luxury massage chairs for travelers. Please feel free to use.

"DX KAROI Suite" is the largest special room

DX KAROI Suite is the largest special room on the 7th floor of "Yomoto-kan .Hanare . KAROI".
In a living room of 99 m², a luxurious interior room with Japanese style rooms, open-air bath, shower room and terrace more airy and more incorporating the light coming through large open windows to two sides.
This room gives surprises and excitement to the traveler who stepped into the room.

Twin bed using Simmons' pocket coil mattress which promises a deep sleep restfully, fresh scented amenity of citrus fruits, big open-air bath of cypress making, the time to spend in this room will be a superb experience.

Seven baths in "Yumoto-kan"

Guests are not only enjoy the hot springs in the room, you could also enjoy seven baths in the "Yumoto-kan".

South hall's outdoor hot spring "Togenshoyo" of 5th floor where the megaliths and the plants of the four seasons. You are deeply attracted by the fascination of Mountains and valleys.
On the 6th floor there are "Ishi-no-Ne (Stone sound)" and "Ki-no-Ka(Wood Fragrance)" of Private outdoor hot spring. You can see the streets of Ogoto and the vast Lake Biwa on the 8th floor.
and a view of hidden far beyond the mountain ranges over there The large public bath "Kobo-no-Yu".
On the other side is the "Sanbo-no-Yu" can fully enjoy Mount Hiei's Four seasons change.

The main building on the second Floor has a sauna, whirlpool bath, bathtub, sleeping bath, walking bath, pressure bath, etc...
There is a variety of winds that can be enjoyed by migrating to large baths.

You can look down at Lake Biwa, from spectacular outdoor bath "Gesshin-no-Yu" on the top floor of the 11th floor.

There are not many inns with so many baths in the hotel.

New Promising Chef's KAISEKI(traditional Japanese multiple course meal)

Dinner is on the 3rd floor of "Gesshintei" in "Yomoto-kan . Hanare . KAROI".
We will prepare special Japanese cuisine in restaurant ""Shogetsu"" only for travelers who stay in Hotel.

Although someone may feel discomfort that it is not a room meal even though it is a luxury Hotel.
This is one of the hospitality of "KAROI stayle"
To eat fresh dishes it is difficult with room meals away from the kitchen, and the timing of serving is also difficult.

The chef makes every effort to cook the delicious dishes.
In order to eat the dishes in the most delicious condition, it is essential to be close to the kitchen.

Wish you enjoy the meal of the chef with excellent skills.

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Room Japanese-style room + Living room + Twin bed + Open-air bath + Terrace
Room facilities Open-air bath, Televisions, Telephone, Wireless LAN, Refrigerator, Tea set, Hairdryer, Washlet-type toilet, Safety box
Amenity Yukata, Bath towels, Hand towels, Comb, Toothbrush, Shampoo, Hair conditioner, Hair treatment, Body soap, Razor
Check in/out time [Check in]14:00 [Check out]11:00
Parking 60 vehicles (free of charge)
Credit Card Payment Visa / JCB / American Express / Diner's Club / MasterCard


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〒520-0102 Shiga2-30-7, Nouka, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture

[Tokaido Shinkansen] Kyoto Station => [JR West Kosei Line ] Ogoto Onsen Station about 20 minutes
Taxi about 5 minutes from Ogoto Onsen station
Osaka International Airport ( Itami Airport ) Limousine bus => [Tokaido Shinkansen] Kyoto Station about 50 minutes
Kansai International Airport => [JR-West] Kansai Airport Station Kansai International Airport Express Haruka => Tokaido Shinkansen] Kyoto Station about 1 hour and 20 minutes
MEISHIN EXPRESSWAY Kyoto east IC => National Highway 161 Highway ( Nishiotsu bypass ) over about 20 minutes

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